Adorno Porno Exposition

Hi Everyone,

here humbly I start my records on the studies on Frankfurt School Philosophical Theory B-A-scholar of Arts and share it with other newbie students on the goal of reaching kind of a chair in the education industry, at the long last. That is to do the hop from pitiable welfare to ordinary salary one day. I do this all freestyle – could not afford to do that much writing, even though it is a goodness.


And, yes, it goes along with advertising the software program, daz3d, a technique on the way to free software once of see your self: which is mainly on porn these early days, which gots that much truth in it, as if you looked at a human, and found he was a pig, because you could do porn

why 34? aah, ha I found one: let us say, too, to drive anybodies “polemic” “victory” occasionally into a smut of an Aph. 136 Exhibitionist and Aph. 137 Kleine Schmerzen, große Lieder

– hm after fallen well thereto from psychological insightful, neurotic, narcissistic, paranoid, manic,  hysteric, anxious disturbed. I like them, cause they are however not yet symptomatic on cause of – so to follow- erratically delusional (wahnhaft) obsession.

with it. For whom this might see odd, it is to be declared that Socrates got trouble from the herd, and I got instinct to any kind of bird scarer. Enlightenment embraces its prior scaring, -with stress on scarer not bird.

adorno engine

So we go along with the book Minima Moralia from Adorno, this is where Adorno himself said, that it is where he comprised all his sabiduria. This is really lovely stuff, scarcely somebody would disclaim that. It has 153 aphorisms, you can read it as a theological moral book of todays challenges in enlightenment or you can hear it as a symphony such as those of van Beethoven. You can see it as a chestnut, where every peak has a equivalent distance to enlightenment, each one integrates totally odd among the others, however.  Therefore I chose to do my best to redirect culture industrial output of this adorno engine bahamas-red (tackeling the issue with about 200 hundred pages full text in 3 takes the year for decades now – thankedly, because they got hated a lot by no fault of their own, you imagine a long story …), into my own one to give it all a scape, even though it would not always meet the symphony.


So you may ask Adorno, was not he an artist? How does he matter that much hell? One answer out of the chestnut’s peaks and out of my humble views is, that it is a coin like Don Quijote, yes, on psychiatric conditio humana, but on later industry age stage.

So what it is all about? I will try it. Imagine your dachshund declaring one day to you, that parallels met in the infinite. Do not bring him to psychiatry, chances that they keep you yourself there and leave him out, are not that low: Enlightenment occurred.

So what are the main things Adorno expresses in that convolution. I counted 5 so called imperatives of him:

1The little, or minimal imperative: Prevent that Hitler Hypnosis Holocaust occurs again. (“Das Auschwitz nicht noch einmal sei”)

2Prevent the most extreme forms and the “qualitatively innovative” forms of effects from a “hell machine”, named history. (Aph. Halblang 149, even though it might be not much work to be more clever than satanic development, nobody neither sees need for action, falsely believing in an invariant, non-innovative history.)

3Switch culture industry off decently. (Dialektik der Aufklärung, Kulturindustrie, before the speech that you could get some summer cooling from it, meanwhile.)

4Do not fail to give anybody the sufficient basic income money, to speak with Kant. (e.g.: You got him not direct, but indirect a lot of times: You should love the enemies, says Jesus? So to the “expropriated” “strangers”, what? Aph. 116 Und höre nur, wie bös er war.)

5Get to that stage that one human, so called monad in enlightenment terms, helps the other out his hell, to speak with Leibnitz. (later add: Aph. 83 Vizepresident kinda “modular asozials” )

There is a sixth one – and I like it, even so I must admit it is marxist, no rather marx himself,

Aph. 127 Wishful Thinking : at least you should not sit on the “blessed idiocy” anymore as other maybe keep on having a business on for a while, but help it immediately.

even though it sounds basically higher skilled Christian; but it is it at the same time:

6 Do not do nor acknowledge things as a vamp! Consider any issue from the point of view of its, of the solution. There is nothing good, else one does it, or as Marx sentenced: it is up to “change the world” (guess that is Feuerbachthesen stuff): and have use of that as a cognition boost btw. (Aph 153 is the culminative aphorism, even though he did rarely speak a word on marx before and this is the best filter to sort basically negative people out, vamps, did I mention that you can read this book as a moral laws book? From the back to the forth namely.)

Hitler Hypnosis

A one another word on the “Hitler Hypnosis“: Imagine the human being, typically psychiatrically measured as a DonQuijote and Sancho Panza, to say nostalgically foolish caring a piss for the latin american mines and lazy a pig giving away a kingdom for a slaves galley at the first occasion, if that meets the direct Spanish translation. All this as a superstition issue. At this times however the situation has changed a bit, that way that one could call this wake up from Hitlerism, as we got all Hitler before us. I know that this might be issue: Such as: I could see no important reason, why should the rest of the world work hard for those Germans, while in some countries, such in Germany, they get the salary for free, just because some side effects from world war II existed, that nobody in culture industry made me understand ever and that I therefore can not believe, nor feel duty for it and for which they should not be rewarded even neither.

Not so soon:

  • Little Excursion on that: One needs to recognize that the math equation of negative population growth basing on classical swap business is easy, getting steeper and its effect vaster; therefore the psychiatric shock of lets say self-imposed immaturity deeper (Questionings as: What have I done, what was my live, when I was cause of it me myself, too?) and no chance getting away from it, just because missing the duty of imperative 5. So what remains, is to call with Theo: Do it, be different and break the tendency. And, yes for this introduction I  call that therapy in short terms: material analysis (as well one finds the terms negative, or objective, even critique), my engine thus “mat an“. A state of the art cognition engine that comes with anxiety check post processing. Thats mainly all.

One feels strongly that this is its true origin:

You got an “Instrumentalism” emo-filter in Aph. 126 I. Q. and a “wrong bless” emo-filter in Aph. 127 Wishful Thinking.

and that them two were friends, but that is another long story … And yes, Ludwig van Beethoven hated it, when they whined, did I address that?(;

Adorno’s and those of his fellow’s teachings draw a picture, in which Hitler as an ordinary industry supplier in political field could only win, because his surrounding seemed and for too big part was morally inferior, that is: because they even drove him to that. But in any case from this time on we know from experience – and not occasionally by speculation – that there is the dilemma that

1 any moral efforts drive into the Hitler’s pitfalls,

2 which are to be avoided with the highest care both thereby and therefore.

In the words of the minimal imperative: Do the worldwide basic income that soon (well that way), that no other “Health Hitler” anger could prevent it, a thing that actually drives you anyway. Neglecting the situation is to be coined therefore as non enlightened or superstitious, worse in terms of today’s industrial-sever trickery: just even what you flee: being actually that hypnotic main holocaust promoter you yourself. Or as some say having their entertaining business out of it: they are made dance into it, more precisely: dance him here by. Did I say that that was one of our greatest challenges? I hope this is explained well, just consult the some internet fulltext and search for hitler or nazis (just see .. Aph 80, 34, 35, 69, actually I see that book is build up to the first culmination “hinter den Bergen” with the task of everybody snapping out of hitler hypnosis first, imho)

Hey, I need to stress that once more: This is not black magic, it is not black of magic nor magic at all, it is against that. If you are evil minded, you will feel it insulting. It is extremely brave a thing to help the next one out of superstitious dependency (compare Kant’s price on autonomy) and it is widely enough acknowledged therefore. And these guys see themselves set out to can no other. (There is no infinitive of can left for the English, so I reinvent you one today for free.)